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Neural Networks Tool - Nenet

Nenet (Neural Networks Tool) is a 32-bit Windows 9x and Windows NT 4.0 application designed to illustrate the use of a Self-Organizing Map (SOM). SOM algorithm is categorized as being in the realm of neural network algorithms and it has found to be a good solution for several information problems dealing with high-dimensional data (see Self-Organizing Map for further details). The major motivation for Nenet has been the lack of a user-friendly program in the field of neural network programs. Nenet tries hard to fill in that gap. The use scenarios have stemmed from the userís point of view and a considerable amount of work has been placed on the ease of use and versatile visualization methods. With Nenet, all the basic steps in map control can be performed. The map can be visualized in several ways and it can be labelled to make understanding of results easier. In addition, Nenet also includes some more exotic and involved features especially in the area of visualization. Nenet has originated from the project programmed by the Nenet Team.

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